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Mobile Outreach

Tri State Community Health Mobile Outreach Team endeavors to provide quality outreach health services, health promotion, prevention, and disease services to Memphis areas and counties.


Our outreach booth features patient education related to obesity, hypertension, blood pressure awareness, diabetes risk awareness, and heart disease. We will connect with the community with education and provide answers to health-related questions. Our Health Screenings are FREE within the community. Our screenings services are as follows: 

Blood Pressure, height, weight, and BMI classification. We also provide small giveaways. 

Our clinic provides a wide range of primary health care services for adults and children within Memphis, TN. Although we care for you, we want you to stay healthy by providing regular checkups and health education materials to improve your quality of life. 


Mobile Services: 

  • Physicals 

  • Annual Exams 

  • Sports Physical Exams 

  • Employment Physical Exams 

  • Immunizations 

  • STD Screenings and Treatments 

  • Acute and Chronic Diseases 


Mobile Outreach Team: 

 Alisha Kimber - FNP                                                                       Shelbi Anderson- CMA 

Tamario Walker- FNP                                                                      Taylor Campbell- CMA 

Bridgette Torrance Williams- DNP                                           Carmeshia Brown- Mobile Medical Outreach Worker 

Wesley Dorsey- Mobile Medical Outreach Worker          Deneice Mason- Medical Mobile Outreach Driver 

Rondell Cobb - FNP                                                     Dr. Carmesha Carter- Mobile Medical Project Outreach Manager 

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