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Case Management

Tri State Case Management Program serves as a means for achieving client wellness autonomy through advocacy, innovation, communication, education, identification of service resources and service facilitation.


  • Assistance with Housing Resources/Applications to:
    – Memphis Housing Authority
    – Low Income Housing
    – Senior Citizen Housing

  • DHS-Benefits application
    – Tenn Care  for Families and Children
    – Food Stamps
    – Child Tax Credits
    – WIC (Women and Infant Children)
    – And other benefits that are covered under DHS

  • Mental health Referrals
    – Assistance  with PATH application (Projects For Assistance in Transition  from  Homelessness)
    – Assistance with application to Behavior Health  Facilities

  • Health Insurance application
    – Marketplace

  • Behavior Health Counseling
    – Alcohol and Drug Dependence
    – Family Counseling

  • Community Outreach
    – Health Insurance  Applications (Affordable Health Insurance-Marketplace)

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