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About Us

Tri State was founded by Cocaine and Alcohol Awareness Program, Incorporated (CAAP), a Memphis nonprofit that has been providing substance abuse and mental health services to underserved populations in Memphis and the surrounding counties for more than 25 years, in response to the evident need for integrated primary and behavioral health care for individuals experiencing or affected by co-occurring behavioral health issues. Tri State Community Health Center is a 330 HRSA grant funded Federally Qualified Health Center.​ We are in collaboration with UT Medical Group to provide dentistry services. The clinic is currently staffed with 3 physicians and 4 Family Nurse Practitioners who are all board certified.​ Our facility consists of a pediatric and adult wing, a laboratory and a large reception area that is open and inviting. The services that we currently offer consists of  physical exams, well-child exams, well-women’s exams, and treatment of acute and chronic diseases. We accept all insurances as well as self-pay patients.​

We currently staff a variety of health care professionals including Dentist, Dental Hygienists, Dental assistants, and Psychiatrist and other Behavioral Health providers. The services we currently offer includes, comprehensive primary care, dental, gynecology, pediatric, Mental Health and Substance use Disorder/behavioral health, physical exam, treatment of acute and chronic diseases, case management & referrals.
 We also offer affordable health programs and services such as immunizations for children.  



We will maintain the highest standard of professional conduct by demonstrating good moral behavior; being respectful to everyone we serve; and providing quality health care based on evidence based practice.



We strive to provide excellent care to everyone we serve. We are committed to being honest and sincere to our patients, staff and others.



We will be kind and understanding to everyone that we encounter.


  • To provide and deliver quality medical services to the underserved of Shelby County.

  • To educate our community on the advantage of early diagnoses and treatment and to improve health practices.

  • To help decrease the incidence of chronic and communicable diseases such as diabetes, cancer, hypertension, HIV/AIDs, lower the incidence of teenage pregnancy, tobacco use, substance abuse, and more through education and screening.

  • To raise the health status of low-income residents of Shelby County by providing affordable health care.

My Approach
  • To meet the basic health needs of our community through evidence-based practice.

  • To meet current gold standards in health care.

  • To retain staff who are competent, qualified, and friendly enough to provide proficient care to our families.

  • To deliver comprehensive health care and also ensure continuity of care for our families.

  • To ensure that each patient has tailor-designed care, to meet their specific health care needs.

  • To have 100% patient satisfaction rate.

  • To form a trusted, long-lasting relationship with the families in our community.

Business Consultant


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