Commitement & Values


  • Professionalism: We will maintain the highest standard of professional conduct by demonstrating good moral behavior; being respectful to everyone we serve; and providing quality health care based on evidence based practice.
  • Excellence: We strive to provide excellent care to everyone we serve.
    Integrity: We are committed to being honest and sincere to our patients, staff and others.
  • Compassionate: We will be kind and understanding to everyone that we encounter.


  • To provide and deliver quality medical services to the underserved of Shelby County.
  • To educate our community on the advantage of early diagnoses and treatment and to improve health practices.
  • To help decrease the incidence of chronic and communicable diseases such as diabetes, cancer, hypertension, HIV/AIDs, lower the incidence of teenage pregnancy, tobacco use, substance abuse, and more through education and screening.
  • To raise the health status of low-income residents of Shelby County by providing affordable health care.


  • To meet the basic health needs of our community through evidence-based practice.
  • To meet current gold standards in health care.
  • To retain staff who are competent, qualified, and friendly enough to provide proficient care to our families.
  • To deliver comprehensive health care and also ensure continuity of care for our families.
  • To ensure that each patient has tailor-designed care, to meet their specific health care needs.
  • To have 100% patient satisfaction rate.
  • To form a trusted, long-lasting relationship with the families in our community.